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I want to give some feedback so you can improve. :)

1. Linking statically in VS 2010 is a mess and easy to get stuck with. There are several settings that are incomaptible with eachother in a non-obvious way. For instance to get statically linked libs you need to delete the MT setting in the GUI. There's no value in the dropdown to do it. Also, using perfornace headers, whatever it is, means lots of strange errors.

2. If you do as most and search for answers on Google around linking you will end up at treads and articles on this site that is for IPP 6.x and which thus is very confusing to 7.x users. You should do like Apple and make sure that all the old docs are tagged in a clear way so one know it's pre 7.x. Sometimes it doesn't even say it's for 6.x.

3. This forum site is very slow. Easilly the slowes site I visit. I have 100MB/s breadband and all other stites are instantaneous.

4. The new naming "Composer" vs "Studio" vs whatever is confusing IMO. And linking between them, like when you want to buy a product is not a clear path to the correct product. There's lot to do here.

5. There seems to be no good way to know if you managed to get all statically funtions in you .dll. You'll just have to run and see if you get an error message. I have not found any docs that mention a switch to completely turn off any dynamic linking so you're sure you've gotten all. What to link is still hard to know. Especially if you for instance use demo code where you don't know exactly what funtions been used.

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Hi Mikael,

Thank you very much for you feedback, we will review it internally and update to you.


Naveen Gv

Intel IPP Team

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