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Flickering happens when srolling on 3 Mega pixel monitor for methods IPP resize method.

We have used IPP resize methods to for scaling the 16-bit medical images and displaying the images in the MFC window. Finally i am scaling down this 16-bit interpolated raster into 8-bit and display in window using bitblt method.

If i have a stack of images and when i tried scroll the images very fast on 3 MP monitor i felt like there is a flickiering effect.

Is it due to IPP methods?

What is the ideal way to avoind flickering effect in this case?

Do you think the problem is due to the refreshing rate of the monitors. If so please suggest us how handle this flickering problem in such moniters.

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The only way to avoid tearing and flicker is to change the display contents only during VSYNC interval. This is most easily accomplished by using DirectX or OpenGL API for image display and enabling VSYNC.

I cannot help you with DirectX since I am not using that, but for OpenGL this involves (in addition to standard OpenGL setup code) checking for presence of wglSwapIntervalEXT() function and calling it -- wglSwapIntervalEXT(1).

You can use GLUT for quick start with OpenGL, or you can write your own code but be warned that the former is not a trivial task.

Finally, I am not sure if it is possible to avoid tearing and flickering using standard Win32 API.