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GSM/UMTS Codec performances

We need to create "a speech decoder server" with the ability to decode multiple AMR NB, FR o HR streams in parallel. The machine will be based on Linux running on a multi-core CPU. We have to run as many channels as possible so it is very important to identify the proper codec library for this job.

Browsing on Interner we found amrnb (derived by the sources in 3GPP specs), opencore-amr and the Intel stuff within the IPP library.

Does anybody have some figures about the performance of these different implementations ?

How to estimate the realtime load x channel with the IPP library ?

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Enrico!

You may try to download Free Code Samples from Thencheck the speech-codec sample whichreports performance in MHz per channel.Run it with appropriate files and modeson a processor of your choice andjust devidethe CPU frequency by thereported performance number in MHzto get roughnumber of realtime channels. For example, on a server with CPU 3.2 GHz andreported 24 MHzfor encode and8 MHzfor decode you may get supportedabout100 duplex channels(3200/(24+8))=100.

IPP speech coding
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