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H264 Decoder Problem


Hellow, I have trouble with H264 Decoder.

I decoded H.264 HD(1920x1080) and SD(720x480) mutually.

For changin decoding parameter(resolution etc) dynamically, I used UMC::H264VideoDecoder.Init .

But keep to change  in 3 minute, access violation happen in UMC::H264VideoDecoder !!

Access violation happen in RefreshCABACBits (umc_h264_bitstream_inlines.h line 313.

I think access violation cause by the function's paramter two (m_pMagicBits) is NULL.

How can I fix that's ?

I used Inte IPP 8.0 and w_ipp_samples_p_7.1.1.013

And execution enviroment is

OS: Windows 7 SP1,

CPU:Core i7-3770 @ 3.40GHz

RAM:4.00 GB

I attached call stack.

Please advise to me.

Thank you.

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As you can see  UMC::H264VideoDecoder class is a part of UMC namespace.

UMC library is deprecated now.

So, If your problem is linked with some kind of bug inside UMC - this bug will not be fixed by Intel.

The set of examples you are using now, was designed for IPP 7.1 not IPP 8.0.

I'm not sure if this set of samples is possible to compile with IPP 8.0, but if you will get IPP 7.1, and compile simple_player sample, this will work correctly with MP4 files with H264 video track inside. However not all MP4 files are playable with this sample due to UMC MP4 file splitter. I tested this sample with MP4 files, produced via Adobe LightRoom.

One of possible solution of your problem can be Intel Media SDK. In case of H264 video - it's absolutely free of charge. And it has full support from Intel.

I tested "Full Transcoding Sample" for Intel Media SDK 2014, it works correctly.

Best regards,


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