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H264 network stream decoding with IPP 5.3.1


Hello Everyone,

I am using IPP 5.3.1 and I am trying to decode H264 network stream.

Here I am attaching my sample code. But it doesn't compile as it is, because it has lot of dependencies. Here I am sending this code because, I want to confirm (a) whether the code I have implemented was correct or not? b)Did I miss anything here?? c) Am I using any extra memory??

The main problem I am facing is: It is decoding slowly. Because of this slow decoding, my network reader's buffer is filling up, sothat buffer drops are happening.(After filling up network buffer with 30 samples, we are dropping). Because of these buffer drop, I am getting scratchy video.

But I am able to play fine with VLC with the same .sdp file, without any scratches.

We have been using IPP 5.3.1 from some time in my application. We need to implement H264 decoder by using this IPP 5.3.1 only for demo purpose. So, I need complete this as early as possible. After that I can upgrade IPP to 6.1 or 7.0.

So, if anyone has any idea for the slow decoding, please let me know.

It would be very nice, If anyone has any sample code for network stream decoding.

Thanks and regards,


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