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Have problem with Mpeg4 encoder ?


Dear IPP:

I install IPP , and download the sample code:

I read the document "umc-manual.pdf" , page 176 about example of UMC base classes usage, it can compile successful.

Then I modify the source code , let it can decoder the MPeg4, it work fine again.

But when I try to implement the source code about Mpeg4 encoder, I get an error like : "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _errno....... when reference about function: __libm_error_support..."

Below is my source code :

//////////////////////////////////////////////// begin of source code ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

#include "umc_mpeg4_video_encoder.h"

using namespace UMC;

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
VideoEncoderParams params ;

MPEG4VideoEncoder encoder; // mark this line will be compile successful, unmark will get compile error

//// Set encoder params = 720; = 288; = 1000000; = 25;
params.numEncodedFrames = 2147483647; // all frames : INT_MAX,2147483647
params.numThreads = 0;
return 0;

////////////////////////////////////////////////end of source code ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I use MSVC 7.1 to compile the source code. When I mark this line "MPEG4VideoEncoder encoder;
" , It will compile successful.Could anyone help me resolve this problem, thank you very much.

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Hello all:

I had found where the problem is. I link all the IPP lib, it will fail. It can only link the libs you used.