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How to import DVD to iMovie for edit

Apples iMovie is part of the iLife suite of software products that comes free with every Mac. The iLife apps are designed to enhance users digital lives by

making playing and working with digital media easy for all users. As its name suggests, iMovie is about about video editing.

Before you can begin working in iMovie, you need to bring in some video from a video recording device and store the video on your computer (or an external

hard disk). iMovie will also allow you to import the following file formats:

DV (standard definition) and HDV (high definition)

MPEG-2 and AVCHD from Camcorders

MPEG-4, DV, and .MOV files stored in Mac

Please note that DVD is not supported, so importing a DVD to iMovie is not a

straightforward process. In this situation, third party software DVD to iMovie

help you convert DVD to the formats that are compatible with iMovie. You can convert DVD to MOV (*.MOV), MPEG-2 Movie (*.MPG) or MPEG-4

Movie (*.MP4) as followed several steps.

Step 1: Install and Run DVD to iMovie Converter for Mac

You can download the trial version here:
To install it, simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the application to your applications folder (or wherever you want it).

Step 2: Load DVD movies

Insert DVD disk into DVD drive .Click Load DVD button (Or click Load IFO button) to load your DVD.

Step 3: Output Settings

Choose a format like MOV which is compatible with iMovie from the profile drop-down menu.

Step 4: Start convert DVD to iMovie MOV

Press "Convert" button, it begins to convert your DVD to iMovie MOV format.

After the conversion, you can right-click in the Event Library area and choose Import Movies to import the created .MOV file to your iMovie project. Specify

a new Event name if desired. The imported video will now be available for you to edit.

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