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IPP Thresholding


I'm doing a C# application for visual computing - and needs a RGB thresholding.

Id like to set the RGB24 pixel to e.g. (255,255,255) when the thresholding condition is true. For this I tried the ippiThreshold_Val() function, like below:

unsafe private ipp.IppStatus ThresholdVal(byte* pSrc, byte* pDst, int Width, int Height, int bytePerPixel, byte[] thresholdValues, System.Drawing.Color objCol, ipp.IppCmpOp cmdOp)


ipp.IppStatus st = ipp.IppStatus.ippStsNoErr;

int Stride = bytePerPixel * Width;

ipp.IppiSize roi = new ipp.IppiSize(Width, Height);

byte[] objectValues = new byte[3] { objCol.B, objCol.G, objCol.R };

fixed (byte* fixThresholdValues = thresholdValues)

fixed (byte* fixObjectValues = objectValues)


if (pSrc == pDst)


st = ipp.ip.ippiThreshold_Val_8u_C3IR(pSrc, Stride, roi, fixThresholdValues, fixObjectValues, cmdOp);

// st = ipp.ip.ippiThreshold_8u_C3IR(pSrc, Stride, roi, fixThresholdValues, cmdOp);




st = ipp.ip.ippiThreshold_Val_8u_C3R(pSrc, Stride, pDst, Stride, roi, fixThresholdValues, fixObjectValues, cmdOp);

// st = ipp.ip.ippiThreshold_8u_C3R(pSrc, Stride, pDst, Stride, roi, fixThresholdValues, cmdOp);



return st;


But to my surprise it doesnt work at all seems that nothing happens?

Using the ippiThreshold() instead works better. A threshold is done, but the pixel is not set to the value Im wanting?

Furthermore ultmately I would like the thresholding conditon to be true only if all three thresholding channel criterias are meet, i.e only modify the pixel if e.g. ((PixRedChannel < PixRedThreshold) && (PixGreenChannel < PixGreenThreshold) && (PixBlueChannel < PixBlueThreshold)), is this possible with the IPP?


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I'll move this to our Intel Integrated Performance Primitives forum, where our Technical Consulting Engineers can assist you.

Best regards,

Aubrey W.
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Can you provide some specific values for your threshhold input function? Your explanation seems to indicate thatyou want to compare agains 255,255,255 -- but that is the maximum value of a one byte value in a 3 byte pixel (RGB) so I wouldn't expect to see any change in the array of pixels.
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