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dlll time issue

I am working on replacing functions in program that encodes h.264 with functions from the IPP library. When I run Intel's Amplifier, it displays a method that was not there before that ranks as the second most expensive method at 22.643 seconds. The method name is ippiYCrCb422ToYCbCr422_ZoomOut8_5MBDV_16s8u_P3C2R and it is included in the ippvcp8-7.0.dll. I was wondering if this is supposed to happen or if there is a way to get around this.
I am using Parallel Studio 2011 in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
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That function is an IPP function. Since you have replaced some of your existing code with IPP code, those IPP functions may show up in your hotspot analysis. Having an IPP function show up in a hotspot is not a bad thing, it should be expected if that is where most of the work is being done in your application. What you need to measure is the overall execution time of your app to see if that has improved.
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