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IPP with x32 ABI in Linux



I have a linux target running an x32 ABI (  I am trying to link IPP in this environment and the linker tells me that both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of IPP are incompatible.  That makes sense because i don't think either of those libraries were built to work with x32.  I looked through the IPP install folder for x32 versions of the library and didn't see anything obvious.  Am I missing something or is IPP not supported in an x32 environment?  If not, are there any plans to support it or must i switch to a pure 32 or 64 bit ABI to use IPP in this case.  

For what its worth i am trying to use x32 because there are some issues in my application when using 64 bit pointers, so i thought i might be able to get the performance benefits of a 64-bit system (more registers, etc.) when using 32-bit pointers.  Maybe that is more hassle than it is worth, though.  

Note that my application builds,links, and runs fine with x86 (32-bit) and 64-bit ABIs.    

Thanks in advance for any insight.



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Hello Rich,

Thanks for your feedback. So far, the IPP didn't support x32 ABI. We will check with internal if there is any plan to support it or any alternative solution. And, will get back to you if any updates. 



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