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IPP7 runtime requirements on different Windows versions.


We are using following libraries in one of our COM component during compilation.

1. ippcore_t.lib
2. ipps.lib
3. ippi.lib
4. ippcv.lib
5. ippcc.lib
For run time theese libraries are provided in the path of exe/component,
1. libiomp5md.dll,
2. ippi-7.0.dll,
3. ippcore-7.0.dll
On XP server, XP machines the component\\exe is expecting ippiv8-7.0.dlland on Windows 7 it is expecting ippiw7-7.0.dll.
If we dont have some of the above DLL's in the path, then we get IPP waterfall error.
Looks like the runtime DLL list is differing on the platform the component/exe is running. Since we are distributing these DLL's with our product, we have to make sure the run time DLL's are sufficient to run on particular Platform/OS.
Please let us know the list of DLL's required in each platform we have to ship if we are using the above library for possible windows platforms.
This type of problem we dint face when we were using IPP6, also can we still have IPP6 downloads for both x86 and 64 bit platform/OS.
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Actually the list of required DLL would be depended on the CPU types on which your application will be executed only.Please refer to this article for more details.
By another words, the list of dll would be the identical for Windows 7 or WinXP in the case if the CPU type would be the similar.
In the general case when you dont know what CPU types your application would be running, you have to distribute all dll from <_composer_instal_dir_>\redist\\ipp.
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