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Intel® IPP 2019 Update 3 is now available


Intel® IPP 2019 Update 3 is now available. Intel IPP 2019 packages are now ready for download. Intel IPP is available as part of the Intel® Parallel Studio XE and Intel® System Studio. Please visit the

What's New in Intel® IPP 2019 Update 3:

  • Extended Intel® AVX2 and Intel® AVX-512 optimization for ippsFIRMR32f_32fc functions.
  • Added a threading layer example on building custom pipeline code with the sobel filter functions.
  • Added new implementation in the IIR Filter functions to improve precision. The implementation provides similar performance for long length vectors, but reduces the performance for short length vectors.
  • Fixed several bugs in the bzip2 optimization patch files, including Makefile errors, and inconsistency with original code.
  • Fixed the following dispatching issues in Intel® IPP libraries:
    • The IPP functions dispatched Intel® AVX2 optimization code on the Intel® AVX-512 processors with macOS* systems.
    • The cryptography libraries dispatched incorrect code on the systems that do not support Intel® AVX instructions.
    • The cryptography libraries dispatched incorrect optimization code when the libraries were linked dynamically.

Check Intel® IPP 2019 release notes to learn more information.

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Are you testing the IPP Dispatcher on AMD CPU's as well?
What code path will IPP chose on AMD CPU?