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Intel IPP incomplete?


I am evaluating IPP for a project. The last time I used the signal processing library it was Intel SPL. Why are certain IPP function missing implementations for certain data types? For example, why isn't there a Ipp32f version of FIRLMSMR? I've noticed this with other library functions - certain ones do not support all the data types. I know that you can convert between data types for some of the functions, but others are more difficult. I have also noticed that a lot of the functions that were available in SPL is missing and/or have no equivalents in IPP - a lot of the LMS filter functionality, for example. Is IPP incomplete?


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Hello Phil,

I can't comment on the old SPL form of the library, as it predates my involvement with IPP by many, many years.

Looking in "Volume 1: Signal Processing" of the current IPP manual...

...choose "Filtering Functions," then "Filtering Functions," and then "Single-Rate FIR LMS Filter Functions" to find the "FIRLMS" function, which describes the following two functions:

IppStatus ippsFIRLMS_32f( const Ipp32f* pSrc, const Ipp32f* pRef, Ipp32f* pDst, ... )
IppStatus ippsFIRLMS32f_16s(const Ipp16s* pSrc, const Ipp16s* pRef, Ipp16s* pDst, ... )

Note: I've shortened the parameter lists for easier reading, these functions do not support variable length parameter lists.

If this is not what you're looking for, please provide more details.


p.s. That page in the on-line version of the manual is located here:

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