Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
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Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) upgrade options


Dear IPP users,

If you are presently using Intel IPP in your applications and if license is expiring soon, we have exciting news for you regarding your Intel® IPP license extension.

Because our Intel customers were seeing a lot of synergy in using Intel® IPP in combination with the various Intel Development Tools, Intel® IPP is now delivered along with other performance libraries like threading libraries (Intel® TBB), Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) and Intel Compiler in our various suites (Intel® Parallel Studio XE, Intel® System Studio, or Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience). Majority of our customers are already realizing the value that this change has brought.

As our existing customer you can either

  • Continue to renew the support maintenance for your existing Intel® IPP license or
  • Upgrade to one of our Intel Studio products based on your specific needs and enjoy a wider access to Intel performance libraries, threading libraries and Intel compilers.

Pick a suite which best fits your software application requirements. 

Product Name : Intel® System Studio
Type of Software Applications : Used in System software and applications for embedded or mobile devices. For example, embedded applications in digital surveillance, test measure equipment, medical imaging, telecommunication, multi- functional printer
The product supports Linux*, Android* and Windows* targets

Product Name : Intel® Parallel Studio XE
Type of Software Applications : Used in Enterprise and Desktop application with focus on parallelization and vectorization optimization. The product supports Windows*, Linux*, and OS X*

Product Name : Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE)
Type of Software Applications : Used in any C++/Java* applications that has to support cross-OS, cross-Architecture for Windows* on Intel® architecture and Android* on Intel® architecture and ARM*.
Support host systems: Windows*, OS X*.
Support target systems: Android*, Windows*, OS X*

For buying and renewal options for Intel® IPP, please contact us by, or visit @

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