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Link and build IPP samples using eclipse 5

Hi guys,

I want to build ipp-samples application using IDE that can help me doing be better and faster developpment. I'm able to build audio-video-codec application using the bash, but I wish to create a project in Eclipse C++ 5 and lunch the build. Like that, I can use the features of the IDE like References, Refactor, etc.

I followed the guide of ipp-samples found here, but till now I'm not able to build the project.

Is there any one that can help me or show me some links on the net?

Thank you.
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For more explanation, here's an extract of the linking chapter:

Configuring Eclipse CDT to Link with Intel IPP
After linking your CDT with Intel IPP, you can benefit from the Eclipse-provided code assist
feature. See Code/Context Assist description in Eclipse Help.
Configuring Eclipse CDT 4.0
To configure Eclipse CDT 4.0 to link with Intel IPP, follow the instructions below:
1. If the tool-chain/compiler integration supports include path options, go to the
Includes tab of the C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols property page and set
the Intel IPP include path, for example, the default value is
opt/intel/ipp/, where is the Intel IPP package number.
2. If the tool-chain/compiler integration supports library path options, go to the Library
Paths tab of the C/C++ General > Paths and Symbols property page and set a
path to the Intel IPP libraries, depending upon the target architecture, for example,
with the default installation, opt/intel/ipp/
3. For a particular build, go to the Tool Settings tab of the C/C++ Build > Settings
property page and specify names of the Intel IPP libraries to link with your application.
See section Selecting Intel IPP Libraries Needed by Your Application in chapter 5 on the
choice of the libraries. The name of the particular setting where libraries are specified
depends upon the compiler integration.
Note that the compiler/linker will automatically pick up the include and library paths
settings only in case the automatic makefile generation is turned on, otherwise, you will
have to specify the include and library paths directly in the makefile to be used.
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