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MP4 muxer video input format


Dear Intel Support,

I've tried the MP4 muxer (umc_mp4_mux) from the examples using H264, and it worked well when the video source came from Intel H264 encoder. On the other hand I would like to use this muxer with an existing source H264 of annex B stream. The problem which I figured out so far is that if this H264 stream has multiple slices per frame from an external stream, the video has gibberish content, and the player complains about various errors, including "Invalid mix of IDR and non-IDR frames". When there is only one slice per frame, the output video is OK. I've tried to use PutVideoData() on frames containing the concatenated slices in annex B format, but it didn't get any better.

I would like to use this stream without reencoding. I'm using Intel IPP samples

Thanks for your help!

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I don't want to get in the way of anyone's advice on using UMC's mp4 muxer in this scenario.  However, I just want to clarify that UMC was always a sample and not productized.  It has many bugs and feature gaps.  It is also end of life. (See here for more info.)   Media SDK is now Intel's codec product.  For a container alternative you can start with today please see the FFmpeg integration tutorial.  Please watch Media SDK for future developments in areas previously covered by UMC.

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