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MP4Muxer usage


Can anybody explain me the usage of MP4Muxer? I have a pure H264 stream coming from a camera and I would like to save it in an MP4 format.Unfortunatelly there's nothing about it in the documentation. I tried to make something similar to the MPEG2Muxer (without success). How should I initialize the muxer?
I use PutVideoData to fill with the video NAL units(which I think is okay, at least returns 0 all the time), but when I call the Close on the muxer, it always crash. So I think t is because some initialization problem.
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P.S.: The muxer's html says that it supports only constant bitrate at the moment. Do you plan to work on this limitation? Would it be hard to modify the muxer to be able to save variable bitrate streams?
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