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MPEG-2 Network Stream

Hello, i'm trying to decode a MPEG-2 Network stream using the UMC classes, i looked around and found this:
But it seems a little out of date, the post is from 2006 and some of the functions/classes used do not exist.
If i could make it as simple as from that post without having to include all the other things from the most current demo(avsync, etc) that would be great.
For now i only need to do MPEG-2,but i might down the road change it to H264.
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Please see the following articles:

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Setting H.264 encoding parameters in Intel IPP media processing ...

Oct 18, 2010 ... How to set H.264 encoding paramters in Intel IPP Smaple. ... Users can also change UMC::H264EncoderParams class to change H.264 encoding ... processing-samples/

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