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OpenCV MatchTemplate



I am not sure if this is the right forum, but I would like to post the following question about cvMatchTemplate.

1) I created an image (say BIGIMG) with square of different intensities on it. The image is grayscale and of type IplImage-
IPL_DEPTH_8U. BIGIMG is of size 2500X2500.

2) I select a region in BIG, called TEMPLATE of type IplImage- IPL_DEPTH_8U.

3) I now create three different subimages from BIGIMG each of size (600X600), called FRAME1, FRAME2, FRAME3, so that TEMPLATE is a part of each of these three images. They are also of type IplImage- IPL_DEPTH_8U.

4) convert TEMPLATE, FRAME1, FRAME2 and FRAME3 into CvMat using cvConvert. Call the resultant matrices: mTEMPLATE, mFRAME1, mFRAME2, mFRAME3

5) Do template match (option = CV_TM_SQDIFF): mTEMPLATE on mFRAME1;
mTEMPLATE on mFRAME2; mTEMPLATE on mFRAME3. I get the right location for
the MinLocation in all three cases. I would expect the minimum value to be zero in all three cases. But I see that they are non-zero and not equal to each other.

Canyou please explain what is going on in?


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