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PLEEZ HELP - Data structures & Functions Reference

Hello, i have a big problem, i cannot find any documentation for all the data structures and all the functions supported by ipp, i've only found huge manuals but they're really dispersive.
I need a reference page or pdf where to find a complete list of ipp data structures such as CJPEGDecoder.
Pleez help!!!


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thanks for your interest to IPP samples. The IPP (abbreviation for Intel Integrated Performance Primitives) is set of libraries which contains optimized low-level functions.

To simplify usage of IPP we provide comprehensive user manual where each primitive function has detailed description including purpose of function, type andmeaning of input parameters and list of return codes.

We also provide as additional download set of examples, available in source code. Their goal is to demonstrate how you can call IPP functions to solve some specific task, like JPEG codec in your case. For sample code development and supporting detailed reference document is too expensive. It is expected you can analyze source code by yourself (that is actually a primary goal of examples).

By the way, we have brief description of each sample, please find readme.htm file which comes with example.

If you have any particular question you can try to ask it here, most probably IPP developers community will help you.


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