Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives
Deliberate problems developing high-performance vision, signal, security, and storage applications.
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Participate Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 2010 Survey


Dear Intel Integrated Performance Primitives customer,

Would you like to influence the future of a high performance and versatile software library? Do you have a wish list of what you would like to see in IPP? Let us know what you think! Fill out the short Intel Integrated Performance Primitives 2010 Survey and help move IPP development in your direction.

To thank you for your time and effort, the first 1500 survey respondents who provide their mailing address will receive a copy of the book Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors Using the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives, Second Edition

We greatly appreciate your feedback to help guide the future direction of Intel IPP.

Intel IPP Team

Additional resources: Visit the Intel IPP product page for product information and updates, participate in product discussions in the Intel IPP Forum and learn more about the product via the Knowledge Base.

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