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Problem building IPP 7.0 samples on windows

I have a problem building IPP 7.0 samples on Windows 7. When I run buildall.bat from ipp-samples/tools directory with buildall.bat ia32 "cl9" I get the following link error:

LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'kernel32.lib'
when it tries to build samplecpuinfo
For next project (ippsdrv) I get:
'rc.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command
Anyway, I get various looks like that it is not aware that platform sdk and/or visual studio is installed (though it finds compiler and it looks that compiles just fine).
How can I resolve this issue? Thanks.
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Please verify settings of Visual studio specifically SDK library Include files. Sometimes visual studio property settings are pointing to wrong directories.

Also make sure that required components are installed to run this sample code as mentioned in the Releasenotes.htm in the sample code folder.


Naveen Gv

Visual studio include and lib directories seems to be ok. For example, for cpuinfo sample, when I put /LIBPATH:"my sdk lib directory" into makefile (for a $(LINK32) command), it builds just fine and "my sdk lib directory" is the same as in the visual studio settings. It looks like that when I run buildall.bat it ignores visual studio settings? Can I somehow set libpath for all sample projects?
Hello Aleksandar,

If you don't specify the compiler, just issue "buildall.bat" from the command line, doeseverything build successfully? The sample build files will attempt to locate the most recent compilers on your system, Intel compilers first, Microsoft compilers second.

Do the individual build scripts work, if you simply attempt to build one of the samples and not the entire batch? Some of them require additional non-Intel components be present on your system, so not every sample will build properly from the buildall script. It's usually easier to work with one sample than to try and build everything. If you narrow down the problem to the specific sample that is failing, it will be easier to help you solve the problem.

Also, there are a few samples that require some Microsoft SDK components but the build scripts do not accomodate all SDK distributions. So you may have to either modify the respective build batch scripts to work with the SDK you've got installed on your system or install one of the SDKs that is supported in the script to make the build work. I don't recall the specific sample(s), but recall encountering this some time ago. Unfortunately, there are a very large number of SDK distributions and they all seem to have different installation configurations -- the build scripts are not guaranteed to work with every SDK installation.