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Problem in umc_speech_rtp_codec.exe


Hi All,

I am using the Intel IPP Composer XE 2011 SP1 and ipp-samples_p_7.0.7.064. My machin OS in Win7 32-bit. I tested the umc_speech_rtp_codec.exe with IPP_G722.1, G726 and IPP_GSMAMR codec format. When I tried to create a valid wav file for the codecs I got this results:

Encoding/decoding time, sec : 0.000000 [000000 frames]
Stream duration, sec : 0.020000
Performance,(sec/sec) : 0.000000

I tested the rtpdumps with old Intel IPP lib 6.0 version and I got valid wav files.

When I debugged the problen I notice that in the file:

in the umc_speech_rtp_codec project, file - timedplayer.cpp in function:
UMC::Status TimedPlayer::Play(Ipp64f &t_encode_time, Ipp32s &numFramesToProcess)

there is line #136:
if(m_pRTPPck->isValidPacket() && m_pRTPPck->GetPayloadType() == m_pParams->m_pPT->GetPayloadType()) {

when testing the G726 rtpdump I get -

m_pRTPPck->isValidPacket() - true.
m_pRTPPck->GetPayloadType() = 105. 
m_pParams->m_pPT->GetPayloadType() = 99.

this is why the if statement failed. If I change the statement like this:


I getting the valid wav files for both G726 and G722.1

Can I do that? what is the m_pParams->m_pPT->GetPayloadType() means?

for IPP_GSMAMR codec format I got wav file but with gibberish content and it's size is half compare to the verion 6.0.

I tried to attched the rtpdump file here but I couldn't. ( Error - Invalid file extension ).

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Genady, Could you provide us with failing rtdump file and exact command lines, which succeeded on 6.0 and fails in 7.0.7. In general, nothing global has changed in USC in between 6.0 and 7.x. Regards, Sergey
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