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Problem with PyramidLayerDown_16u_C1R


I am having some trouble with Universal Pyramids, the 16bit-versions in particular.

First of all, I get a crash (heap-corruption) if calling "ippiPyramidLayerDownInitAlloc_*" with a width less than the kernel size. In the example below, it crashes if called with sourceWidth=4 (and destWidth=2). This isn't really nice behavior (and seems not to be limited to the 16u_C1R-version) - it probably should either return an error or "just work" (btw, ippiPyrDown_Gauss5x5 seems not to have trouble with this).
Ok, this is annoying but can be worked around quite easily, but the other problem is more severe: I get strange results for 16bit-grayscale images. See the uploaded example images. The result ("Out_PyrDown.png") looks "strange" and note the vertical stripe on the right hand side. This is especially problematic because there is no alternative (that I am aware of) since ippiPyrDown_Gauss5x5_ does not exist in a 16u_C1R-version.

I am experiencing this problem with IPP7.0, 7.1 and 7.1 update 1.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Example code:


bool PyrDown_Gray16(void* sourceBuffer,int sourceStride,int sourceWidth,int sourceHeight,void* destinationBuffer,int destinationStride,int destWidth,int destHeight)


IppiSize destSize;  

IppiSize srcSize = {sourceWidth,sourceHeight};  

IppStatus status = ippiGetPyramidDownROI(srcSize,&destSize,2.0f);  

if (destSize.width!=destWidth || destSize.height!= destHeight)  {   return false;  }

IppiPyramidDownState_16u_C1R* ptrPyramidState_16u_C1R;

static Ipp16s kernel[5] = {1,4,6,4,1};

status = ippiPyramidLayerDownInitAlloc_16u_C1R( &ptrPyramidState_16u_C1R,srcSize,2.0f,kernel,5,IPPI_INTER_LINEAR);  

status = ippiPyramidLayerDown_16u_C1R( (Ipp16u*)sourceBuffer,sourceStride,srcSize,(Ipp16u*)destinationBuffer,destinationStride,destSize,ptrPyramidState_16u_C1R);  

status = ippiPyramidLayerDownFree_16u_C1R(ptrPyramidState_16u_C1R);  

return true;



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I have the same problem and google it on website and no solution is found so far.

Did anyone solve it?

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