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Redistributables question


Sorry if this has been answered, but I couldn't find it in the FAQs or on the forums.

I am developing an API that uses Intel IPP for some features.  I intend to build a custom redistributable DLL as suggested in the documentation's list of ways to redistribute the binaries.

What is not obvious to me is whether I can also redistribute the header files (.h's).   My first thought was that I would want to wrap all functions in a "my api" version of them - eg. ippsMalloc_32f becomes myapiMalloc_32f, and myapiMalloc_32f just passes the args right to it.  But then for typedefs, I would have to typedef all the types, mimicking the way ipp has already, and cast them in my ipp wrapper methods.  eg:

typedef float Myapi32f; // maps to Ipp32f
typedef double Myapi64f; // maps to Ipp64f

But it seems like if I did this, it would be worse than if I just included the Intel headers with their copyright notices intact. Searching the web for specific header files gives me some examples of these files in the wild, but they're not in the redist.txt.

What is allowed?  What is standard for redistributing with an API?

Thank you!

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Have you got chance to check redistribution file  at:

It is right that the document and some IPP library are permitted to be redistributed. The header file are not included there. 


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