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Reed Solomon Code


I am working on DVB-T, and I Reed Solomon functions.

Now, I can use the functions to encode and decode the date. When add errors on the coded date, it alsol can correct the errors.

But, when I check my Reed solomon coded result with Matlab result, they are different.

Any body can give me a Reed Solomon code example with DVB-T?

Here are the description from the DVB-T standart.
Reed-Solomon RS (204,188, t = 8) shortened code (see note 1), derived from the original systematic RS (255,239, t = 8)
code, shall be applied to each randomized transport packet (188 byte) of figure 3b to generate an error protected packet
(see figure 3c). Reed-Solomon coding shall also be applied to the packet sync byte, either non-inverted (i.e. 47HEX) or
inverted (i.e. B8HEX).

Code Generator Polynomial: g(x) = (x+0)(x+1)(x+2)...(x+15), where = 02HEX
Field Generator Polynomial: p(x) = x8 + x4 + x3 + x2 + 1
The shortened Reed-Solomon code may be implemented by adding 51 bytes, all set to zero, before the information
bytes at the input of an RS (255,239, t = 8) encoder. After the RS coding procedure these null bytes shall be discarded,
leading to a RS code word of N = 204 bytes.
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I had a check with our engineer owner. We do not have DVB-T specific implementation. If you see any problem with IPP function usage, it needs some specific example to show the problem.


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