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ThreadPool and IPP decryption



I have the following issue -

When decrypting files, IPPs is spawning multiple worker threads and never clearing/releasing these threads. I end up with hundreds or thousands of threads. Details below:

Written in C#, I am hosting a remoting service. This remoting service simply accepts a filename and decrypts the file using Ipps (release 5.3, 6.1, doesn't matter..). I have a client application that is calling this remoting service with multiple simultaneous requests. Ipps is set to use 8 threads. When the service gets busier, the number of threads increases.. and increases.. Eventually, it'll get into 1000+. I believe this is happening because .Net uses a thread pool to handle the remoting requests. Since the threads are basically reused, the Ipps worker threads never get released. Even if I close the client application, the threads do not get released.

In process explorer, I have thousands of threads like 'libguid40.dll!_kmp_launch_worker', or 'libiomp5md_....' if I'm using 6.1.6.

If I run the exact same code as in the example above in a single standalone application, there is no issue - the Ipps worker threads get released as soon as my thread finishes. It appears that it's the thread pool/remoting that is causing the threads to never get released.

I know that I can set the number of threads to one. That helps - the threads still grow, but theyr'e growing one at a time instead of 7 or 8 at a time. And, the performance isn't as good.

Can anyone tell me more precisely why this is happening and what a workaround might be?

Many Thanks!

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Looks like you are calling openmp in your implementation. You may be getting hung up trying to create native openmp threads in a managed environment. Can you provide a simple example of how you are making your calls in C#?
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