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Using ippiAlphaComp_16u_AC1R


I am trying to use ippiAlphaComp_16u_AC1R for alpha composition with a grey scale image with an alpha channel

What is the format of pSrc1,pSrc2 and pDst buffers?

These are  Ipp16u buffers - but is the format of these buffers <image data pixel 0><alpha data pixel 0>,<image data pixel 1><alpha data pixel 1>etc  in consecutive Ipp16u values?

If so shouldn't the the name of the function  be ippiAlphaComp_16u_AC2R????

(Isn't  AC4R format <R pixel 0><G pixel 0><B pixel 0><alpha pixel 0>.<R pixel 1>,<G pixel 1>,<B pixel 1><alpha pixel 1> etc)


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