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WarpAffine zoomed image quality


After extensive forth and back to get panning/zooming to work using the WarpAffine functionality (see, I come to realize that for large zoom factors the output imagery has heavy pixilation and therefore is useless for my purposes.

When using ResizeLanczos (instead of cubic for WarpAffine), this pixilation does not occur. Sadly WarpAffine does not support Lanczos interpolation. With that I will revert back to using a more elaborate 2-step process 1) ResizeLanczos and 2) either ippiCopy or WarpAffine with a zoom factor set to 1 (for shifting, or panning) the output image into its final position. I don't consider this a "performance" sequencing, but one mandated by above mentioned image quality issue.

With that, Chao had mentioned works on a higher level pan/zoom feature coming up, may I suggest such functionality include Lanczos interpolation with WarpAffine?

Thank you!

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Hi Umundry,

Thanks for your suggestion! I will provide your feedback to our engineering team for future release. 

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