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What player I use use for render the H264 file from umc_video_enc_con?

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I have encoded a yuv420 file to H264 format by umc_video_enc_con:

(in ipp-samples\\audio-video-codecs\\application)

the input file name is Taipei101.yuv , and output is Taipei101.avi

video_enc_con h264 -i Taipei101.yuv -f25 -w 1280 -h 720 -o Taipei101.avi

Then I use simple_player (same folder) to render it, it is ok.

simple_player -vdx Taipei101.avi

But, when I use other player, like media player or KM player, those said :

the format is not conform, could not play !

So, may I ask, what player could play the file which is encoded by umc_video_enc_con instead of simple_player?

(the player is within its windows, and play /pause/stop/ Forward bar..etc)
thank your support.

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Hi Gaiger,

You may try VLAN or media player classic (not sure).

The point is that you need a player that can play H.264 video stream (raw video); you may also multiplex the encoded H.264 stream into an MP4 container for example, then you will have an ISO MP4 standard video that can be recognized by many common players.


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