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getLibVersion problem

I have just purchased two new Intel machines with Intel Xeon E5620 quad core CPU's.
When I run our software on this machine it comes up with an exception after calling the ippiGetLibVersion function.
I have checked the ippidemo program on this machine and it says in the About section that it uses ippip8-6.1.dll+ as it cpu specific dll. On my older Intel machines the cpu specific dll is ippiv8-6.1.dll.
The application I have written uses the Delphi compiler and is based on the Delphi demo application in the legacy samples.
My guess is that during the waterfall process the application is instructed to use the ippip8-6.1.dll and in the process gets an exception. If I rename this file to something else the waterfall process obviously finds an older cpu dll and loads this instead. In this case the application runs without error but is very slow.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Warren Brennan
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Hi Warren,

Could you tell the exactIPP version and the Delphi demo sample version? I recalled we have disptacherissue reported onDelphi sample ananother thread: the fixed is includedin IPP 6.1 update 5 release

If the problem occurs with the latest IPP 6.1 update5 release and later, it would be nice if you posted more details about how do you link your application. Ideally a self-contained example would help a lot.

Best Regards,

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