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how to create j2k codestream



I use IPP library version 7.0.7 through UIC layer.

I need to create j2k codestream in order to create pixel data for DICOM file.

I don't know if there is a way to create j2k codestream directly. The only way that I've found it's a bit dirty:

I create a jp2 file then i extract the j2k codestream, I only need to remove the header of the jp2 file.

To explain what i need i attached the two file:

- lenajp2.7z that contain image lenajp2.jp2 with the header

- lena.j2k that contain image codestream lenaj2k.j2k

I know both files can be properly handled by ipp library but DICOM recognize only the buffer of the latter file as correct pixel data. 


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Hello chuck,

Thank you for your answer

of course I've already downloaded UIC samples and training material.

In intel-ipp-uic-training-nov-2011.pdf it is indicated among UIC derivative classes (page 6) j2k encoder. However in IPP samples there is only the following class

class UICAPI JP2Encoder : public BaseImageEncoder

using this class i can create very easily a jp2 file. But In order to create a DICOM image I need j2k codestream. I know that jp2 file and j2k codestream are the same thing except for a starting header in jp2 file. I wonder if there is a way to create directly a j2k codestream or i need to extract it from jp2 file.



UIC Derivative Classes (Codecs)

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