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ipp installation problem



I downloaded w_ipp_7.1.0.089_ia32.exe and tried to install it on my Windows XP Professinal (SP3) machine. I am logged as Administrator, yet despite that I get the following error message at the beginning:


Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 installation will end

You don't have administrative privileges.

Installation will end because this installer requires administrative privileges.

Suggestion: Request administrative privileges, or ask someone with administrative privileges to install this product for you.


What can I do?

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Hi Eliezer, Have the system ( Windows XP Professinal (SP3) machine) installed any Intel software tools before,? for example, Inte ComposerXE 2011, or it is just a clear machine. I have escalated the problem to our installation team and will get back to you if any news. I recalled, we had reported from window 7 adminstrator user. Not sure if it is same problem, but you may try please check the “DisableBrowse” value in the registration table. This value should be taken as “0”. Could you check if this value is “1”? It locates under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Installer and should be defined with “0” to allow continue of the installation. or do you have other machine, you can install it at that machine, and manually copy to same folder of this system as a temp workaround. Regards, Ying
Hi Eliezer, Our installation engineer try to install the version on Same OS with administrator account. The installation completed successfully. It may be some problem with your account, could you please try to create a test account via User accounts => Pick a new account Type for test => check "Computer Admistrator" and try again? Best Regards, Ying .