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ippiResizeSqrPixel not resizing correctly

This is my first application using the ippiResizeSqrPixel function and I'm have problems with it.

[cpp]SendCurrentImage( int pixelWidth, int pixelHeight, int imageSizeInBytes, const char* image )

	const int sizeOfBufferWindow = 2000000;
	int pixels = sizeOfBufferWindow/4;
	double shapeRatio = (double) pixelWidth / (double) pixelHeight;
	int newWidth = (int) sqrt((double)pixels * shapeRatio);
	int newHieght = pixels / newWidth;

	double scale =  (double) newWidth / (double) pixelWidth ;
	scale = min(1.0, scale);

	IppiRect sourceRoi = {0, 0, pixelWidth, pixelHeight};
	IppiRect destRoi = {0, 0, newWidth, newHieght};
	int bufSize;

	// calc required size of working buffer

	ippiResizeGetBufSize( sourceRoi, destRoi, 4, IPPI_INTER_CUBIC, &bufSize );
	Ipp8u* workingbuff = ippsMalloc_8u( bufSize);

	Ipp8u* destImageBuffer = reinterpret_cast ( &_pData->imageToGui.rawImage[0]);

	IppiSize sourceImageSize;
	sourceImageSize.height = pixelHeight;
	sourceImageSize.width = pixelWidth;

	IppStatus status = ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_AC4R(reinterpret_cast (image), sourceImageSize, pixelWidth * 4, sourceRoi, 
		destImageBuffer, newWidth * 4,  destRoi ,scale, scale, 0.0, 0.0, IPPI_INTER_CUBIC, workingbuff);
	ippsFree( workingbuff);[/cpp]

Test Condtions - XP32, VS2008, IPP6.1. Source Image is in RGB0 format and image is 6750 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. When called imageSizeinBytes = 32,400,000. The image is to be resized to 1677 pixels wide by 298 pixels high.

To make things simple, I thought I would try to resize a simple image of a single color - "0xF6F7F800". What I'm getting back after resampling is "F7F80000", but on some I do get the correct value. Just to make things clear (for myself), when I look at the source image "0xF6F7F800", the stored bytes are: byte[0] = 00, byte[1] = 0xF8, byte[2] = F7, byte[3] = 0xF6; then repeats for rest of image.

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Found my problem. I was using ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_AC4R when I should have been using ippiResizeSqrPixel_8u_C4R.

Sorry to have bothered anyone.