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problem about usage of ippiRotateCenter

Hello, I want to rotate an image on its center. I am trying to use ippiRotateCenter. The below code I have written does not perform what I expect. I also attach the input image, the result I get with the below code and the result of matlab's imrotate function. I think matlab's result is ideal. Any idea is welcome.

[bash]    int inputWidth = 512;
    int inputHeight = 512;
    int rotWidth = 725;
    int rotHeight = 725;
    double angle = 45.0;

    int stepBytesRot;
    Ipp32f* inputRotated = ippiMalloc_32f_C1(rotWidth, rotHeight, &stepBytesRot);
    IppiSize srcSize = { inputWidth, inputHeight }, dstSize = { rotWidth, rotHeight };

    double xCenter = floor((double)inputWidth/2);
    double yCenter = floor((double)inputHeight/2);

    IppiRect srcRect = { 0, 0, inputWidth, inputHeight};
    IppiRect dstRect = { 0, 0, rotWidth, rotHeight};
    int interpolationType = IPPI_INTER_NN;

    sts = ippiRotateCenter_32f_C1R(inputImage, srcSize, stepBytesInput, srcRect,
        inputRotated, stepBytesRot, dstRect,
        -angle, xCenter, yCenter, interpolationType);

    assert(sts!=ippStsNullPtrErr); assert(sts!=ippStsSizeErr); assert(sts!=ippStsStepErr);
    assert(sts!=ippStsInterpolationErr); assert(sts!=ippStsRectErr); assert(sts!=ippStsWrongIntersectQuad);[/bash]

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New Contributor I
Hi Kadir,

The example from IPP Reference Manual will help you. Please look at the attached file.
You should to recalculate dstRect and parameters xShift and yShift using auxiliary functions before call of the function ippiRotate.