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simple_player on -vdx and -vblt


i m using simple_player sample codes and have observed interesting behavior. first, when i compile the simple_player which i downloaded off the shelf (v7.0.2.048) and execute the command :

C:\\702048\\ipp-samples\\audio-video-codecs\\_bin\\Win32\\release_ascii>simple_player.exe "c:\\Users\\ttan9\\

Desktop\\Taipei101+sunset+WMV+HD+720.mp4" -vdx

it does not work. no video being rendered out from my laptop.

however, i changed the codes by uncommenting out #define UMC_ENABLE_BLT_VIDEO_RENDER in umc\\include\\umc_defs.h Line#31 to enable BLT and recompiled, and when i executed the command :

C:\\702048\\ipp-samples\\audio-video-codecs\\_bin\\Win32\\release_ascii>simple_player.exe "c:\\Users\\ttan9\\

Desktop\\Taipei101+sunset+WMV+HD+720.mp4" -vblt

the simple_player rendered out the video.

my 1st question is, what did i miss out in my laptop (in terms of enabling or installation) that the -vdx cannot render out the video but the BLT is able to? I have installed DX SDK Feb 2010 and Windows 7 SDK v7.1 onto my laptop Win7 OS. my DX does not seem to render....

my 2nd question, in BLT render, when i move my mouse over the video render part, the icons seemed to be brought to the front part and resulting broken video render. (see attach picture sample).

I know this problem to my 2nd question is probably a Windows AERO related problem which IPP claimed to have fixed it in v7.0.2.048 but in -vdx only and not blt. i have seperate posts toward this question long ago. but it seemed to me BLT is not enabled in v7.0.2.048 by default and the solution is not applicable in v7.0.2.048-BLT.

can someone help explain my question 1 and 2?

thanks in advance.


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Are you running the 32 bit or 64 bit? I just run32 bitsimpleplayer here with Aero on in my Windows 7 laptop. It looks fine, and the simpler player can render the the video.

There were a problem reported on dx render with Aero on.

This is the problem reported here:

This problem was fixed release (Aero is temporarily disabled for the render). Did you see any message like?
"Error in video render"

BLT render is disabled in 7.0 releases. No further work on that render and test with Aero.


hello Chao,

how do i tell if i m running 32bits or 64bits of simple_player? can you share how can i get this? and is there a way to set the apps to be 32/64bits? my Win7 laptop is 64-bit OS but i think you are not referring to my laptop OS.


i recall i posted almost the similar question to you and you replied before on the dx_drv.cpp with extra codes that disable the Windows AERO.

here was what i did in the past minutes:
i downloaded the dv_drv.cpp you recommended, did a compare of this file of yours to the same file of v7.0.2.048 and there are some differences. Line#531 of the v7.0.2.048 has some extra codes as below :

if (DDERR_OUTOFCAPS == hRes) {

HDC dc;

hRes = drv->dd_srf_primary->GetDC(&dc);

hRes = overlay->UpdateOverlay(&src, drv->dd_srf_primary,

dst, show_cmd, 0);



i recommend you to do the same comparison and you will see the differences. (i m not sure if the diff codes are due to latest code fix of v7.0.2.048 hence recommend you to have a check). the diff in the codes are obvious. and further below the codes of v7.0.2.408 there are a bunch of BLT related codes.

anyway i proceed to dump in your dx_drv.cpp and recompile and rerun the simple_player and the result log is pasted below:

C:\702048\ipp-samples\audio-video-codecs\_bin\Win32\release_ascii>simple_player.exe "c:\Users\ttan9\

Desktop\Taipei101+sunset+WMV+HD+720.mp4" -vdx

Audio Render : FILE WRITER

Video Render : NULL

-RenderFormat: YV12

Stream Type : MP4ATOM

Video Info :

-Video Type : H264

-Resolution : 1280x720

-Frame Rate : 25.00

Audio Info :

-Audio Type : MP1L3

-S.Frequency : 44100

-Num.Channel : 2

-BitPerSample: 16

DecRate:264.47 fps(Dec 2.86ms/f + Conv 0.92ms/f = 3.78ms/f) RndrRate 24.89fps Audio Dec 250.09chnls

DecRate:685.15 fps(Dec 0.57ms/f + Conv 0.88ms/f = 1.46ms/f) RndrRate 25.00fps Audio Dec 210.61chnls

DecRate:782.14 fps(Dec 0.42ms/f + Conv 0.85ms/f = 1.28ms/f) RndrRate 25.03fps Audio Dec 208.27chnls

DecRate:829.03 fps(Dec 0.38ms/f + Conv 0.83ms/f = 1.21ms/f) RndrRate 25.02fps Audio Dec 208.27chnls



note that it says Video Render : NULL.

i began to suspect along the line of if there is a DX Video Render dependency (or redist) that i have not been installing appropriately? do you know anything abt this?

thanks. appreciate your answers.


reading from the release note of simple_player and it says :

Known Limitations

DV video codec interprets color format YUV420 as YV12 and vise versa. (YUV420 - planes "Y", "U" and "V"; YV12 - planes "Y", "V" and "U").

Nul, fw, fwf video renders don't produce visual result on the PC's screen. Nul renderer discards all coming frames, fw and fwf renderers write incoming video stream into a file.

Nul, fw, fwf audio renders don't produce audio result on the PC's sound system. Nul renderer discards all coming data, fw and fwf renderers write incoming audio stream into a file.

question is, in the event of NULL DX and user did not specify it, and all other recommended steps are well taken, what is the cause of the NULL video render?



I checked your attached file. I can run here. The application choose a NULL decoder(a default render), possibly because the DX render you specified cannot be initiated correctly. If you could the debug the simplplayer application in the Visual Studio, you can put a breakpoint at file codec_pipeline.cpp, line 791, see if the dx render is correctly initiated.