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the result image data is always flip vertical


Hi I am using Intel IPL library and ImageMagicK Library.
When I firstly get image date from ImageMagicK I put the data to IPL.
Then IPL can get image data.

When I display what I got a image data form IPL. I found the result image data is always flip verticalized. you can see as following the problem.

original image

and then I've got a image as following.

But the result are all the same when I changed the options IPL_ORIGIN_TL, IPL_ORIGIN_BL.

the code like this.

       IplImage* IPL_image = iplCreateImageHeader( 
          3,                            // number of channels
          0,                            // alpha channel
          IPL_DEPTH_8U,                 // data of byte type 
          "RGB", "BGR",                 // color model and channel seq
          IPL_DATA_ORDER_PIXEL,         // channel arrangement
          IPL_ORIGIN_TL,                // bottom left orientation
          IPL_ALIGN_DWORD,              // 4 bytes align
          m_image.rows(),                   // image width and height
          NULL,                         // ROI
          NULL, NULL, NULL              // no mask ROI, image ID, not tiled
         ipView( IPL_image, "RGB", is_modal );
    void Cmfc_test5Dlg::Magick2Ipl(Image magicImage, IplImage* cvImage)
       int width= magicImage.size().width();
       int height = magicImage.size().height();
       int buff_size = width*height*3;
       unsigned char* buffer = new unsigned char[buff_size];
       magicImage.write(0,0, width, height, "BGR", Magick::CharPixel, buffer);
       memcpy(cvImage->imageData, buffer, cvImage->imageSize);
      delete[] buffer;

What am I missing ? Does anyone know what should I do for solving?

 Why the result image are always vertical flipping?

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Hi Carter,

Though I am not aware of all libs, but most of the image processing libraries reads the RGB/BGR frames from bottom to top. And if they are supplied with original (top to bottom order) buffer then output is a vertically flipped image. So I believe it is the same case here also.

Your problem should get resolved if you provide the data to IPL in bottom to top order, means create a new buffer and fill it by copying bottom row first from original buffer and continue till top row. Supply this new buffer to IPL.

Hope it works.



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