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Call for Help: An Evaluation of Parallel Programming Systems

Dear Colleagues,

with this post I want to kindly ask for your help regarding a small research project of our group, which you may find interesting as well. It has the working title: "Evaluation of parallel programming systems" and aims at collecting information about the present state of the art of parallel programming. Some of the key questions to be answered are:

- What parallel programming systems are used in real world applications?
- Which parallel programming systems have been developed in the past, and which are being developed at the moment?
- What are the strengths of these various systems, and what are their problems?
- How do the systems compare to each other?
- Which application areas and architectures are the systems useful for?

For this purpose, we have set up two subprojects, which might be interesting
for you:

we have put a small survey online. Its main goal is to figure out what parallel programming systems are in use and known today. Filling it out will take about 10 minutes and (besides being notified of the results) you can win one of two $50 book gift certificates from

The second subproject is a Wiki (with the fitting name "Parawiki") with the purpose of providing the parallel programming community a place to share and research information about parallel programming. It even has a unique feature (called "trees"), which can be used to gather an easy overview over certain topics. Please consider participating in this effort and providing information about your parallel programming system of choice there. The Parawiki is located here:

Of course, the whole project has a home page as well, with a more extensive overview:

If you want even more information, we have put up a short technical report about the project here:

Thank you very much for your cooperation,
Best Regards from Kassel/Germany,
Michael Suess

P.S.: I apologize, if you recieve this post through multiple channels, since
of course I have tried to reach as many participants as possible. If you
know other sources on the net, where people involved in parallel programming gather, it would be very kind if you could forward this message there.
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