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Cross-platform consistence


If we get a cluster studio for windows OS (64 bit) installed on our PC/workstation, and developing programs there, strictly with the tools and libraries cluster studio come with.

Then if we install a cluster-studio linux version on our super-computer, if we upload our well-tunned codes developed within windows OS, to the supercomputer and ask it to compile the codes locally, then is there any possible problem with it, or cluster studio (same version number, but targetting different OS) and all its tools and libraries can ensure the consistence such that the codes debugged in windows can be compiled and execute flawlessly on our super-computer?

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Hi, I wouldn't expect "flawless" execution, but you should be able to compile and run your code on either system, with some restrictions. Obviously, any platform-specific APIs will cause problems. Most code optimizations will likely work well on either Windows* or Linux*. The operating systems themselves are different enough that you should expect performance differences. I would highly recommend testing on Linux* before you begin production runs of your program. This may be unnecessary, but personally, I'd rather be safe than sorry. Sincerely, James Tullos Technical Consulting Engineer Intel® Cluster Tools
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