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Problem launching windows console application using createprocess from mpi lunched console application



I have a working console application( call myApp) which is launched using mpiexec on windows 2008server.  It works fine. However I am now adding a feature where in I want to launch a new application(call childapp) from my application. I am using Windows function "CreateProcess", If the childapp is , hnotpad it launches fine, however if it is a console application like cmd.exe or my "childapp" it doesn't work, the createprocess call succeeds in all cases. If I give a wrong path etc. createprocess calls fails appropriately.   Similar code calling createprocess works in a test client application (not run through mpiexec, did not try that). This test client aunches childapp successfully. 

Are there any restrictions calling createProcess, any special flags needed in the above scenario? Pl. advise.


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