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DG965WH Problems


I just bought an DG965WH board and an 2160 cpu.

The first problem is with the temperature of the ICH controller who have 90 degrees.

Is that normal??? Until i make the latest bios update the ICH have arround 60 degrees.

The second problem is with the Pcx 16x slot. I have an 8600GT card and when i run StressTest version 1.0 it's giving me an error on 2D graphics that says something like that "frame can't be displayed" but when i run the last version ofStressTest no error apears.

Do you think the problem is from the video card , board or is coming from the StressTest?????

Please help me.

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I'd recommend that you register the purchase at and file an issue regarding your questions through that mechanism. This site is a place for discussion of threading issues encountered on Intel multi-core processors and there may not be many here who can help you with your specific questions.


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