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Databases engines



I was thinking more about databases, and i have thought to implement a database engine that supports INSERTS , DELETES and SEARCHES  and that supports indexed using the AND  and OR operator, and that supports replication accross computers, not the
the master to slave replication but an enterprise master to master replication, but what will change in my database engine is
that the indexes of the database will stay in-memory, this will speed the things more... but this will use more memory but this kind
of implementation , in term of how much memory it will take, will be between the the MySQL engine that uses much more the harddisk and an in-memory database... in my databse engine all the tables and indexes will be stored in the same hardisk file and i will use the same method as is using my ParallelVarFiler , that means that all the in-memory indexes will be saved automaticly to the hardisk...and the enterprise master to master replication will use TCP/IP and the database will be distributed and will use a client server TCP/IP mechanism and a distributed TCP/IP mechanism. I was saying to myself that my database engine's ideas , that i am presenting to you, are easy to implement, but i was thinking more about my database engine, but what i don't like in database engines , even the one that i want to implement, is that they are still using the a lot the hardisk and they are still disk bound, so if there is contention with many many users accessing the database this will degrade the throughput cause the database is still using a lot the hardisk and is disk bound...but to lower this impact of contention you have to distribute more your database accross many computers but this will be costly i think, other than that the realtime replication is costly also, so if we want to ensure a realtime replication and there is contention this will also degrade the throughput i think. So since the databsae engines(even the one that i want to implement) have those weaknesses , so i have decided finally to not implement my database.

Hope you have understood my ideas.

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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