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How can I compile in Linux what I have done in Windows (Visual Studio)

I usually make software en Windows because I have more tools to tune my applications. But most of them are at the end living in a Linux machine. Till now, what I usally do, is to create a Makefile in linux and change that when I add some files, libraries, or whatever...

But now, I am using Intel compiler in windows and in linux. Is there anyway to take the comand line from Visual Studio to copy and paste in the Linux machine?

I guess that, keeping in mind that the compiler is supposed to be the same.. the same parameters in windows should work in linux as well, isnt it.?

Thanks ...
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The options for the Intel compilerdiffer between Windows and Linux, but the compiler documentation lists the mapping of the options between the platforms.

You may also want to check out this thread in the compiler forum.

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