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Hyper threading on Skylake

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I have some questions about the resources shared among logical cores on Skylake processors. I found the Intel manual here:

On page 36, Table 2-5 demonstrates that the ITLB is dynamically partitioned, while all other levels of TLBs are fixed partitioned. As far as I know on Sandy Bridge, the configurations are the opposite, where "the ITLB is partitioned 50/50 statically under HT, DTLB and shared TLB are partitioned on demand, not necessarily 50/50" (

According to my experiment on I7-6700k (skylake), it is inline with Sandy Bridge. For a brief explanation, I used cpuid to query the number of TLB entries. While HT is enabled, 64/64/1536 entries are available for ITLB/DTLB/STLB respectively; while HT is disabled, 128/64/1536 entries are available.

This really confuses me. Thanks

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On Sandy Bridge (and other CPU models beginning at least since Nehalem), only 64 ITLB entries were available with HT disabled.  There is more information about TLB changes for Skylake at .  This seems to agree with your finding that the partitioning of TLB other than ITLB wasn't changed, although there are several changes in associativity.

I guess you are talking about Skylake client CPU.

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