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I have come to an interresting subject



I have come to an interresting subject, as you have noticed i have designed and implemented parallel programs
that you can find in my following website:

But i was thinking more and more about my parallel programs,and asking myself some questions... if you take a look
carefully at my compression library or my parallel archiver you will notice that this compression libraries are construtions of easier high level objects that you can use to do your compression EASILY, it's like robotics and automatization , now you are not required to write compression algorithms or write those high level objects that easy for you the compression process, you are only required to call the methods of those high level objects that do the compression for you, so it's like robotic automatization, you are only required to instantiate high level objects that do the compression and call the methods and it is much easier, but since it's like robotic automatization that easy for you the compression process and speed the process of designing compression programs, hence you will be able implement compression programs inside your application or software much more faster , so with those high level compression objects that you will find inside my compression libraries you will implement more quantities of codes that do compression per second , so since you will be able to implement more codes per second that means that less and less software programmers are needed to be able process the world wide or national wide compression software projects, so that means that this automatization with those high level objects: such us GUI or compression libraries or... can put more and more software programmers out of there jobs.. that the same thing for
robotics automatization and the same thing in other fields i think many works will be put out of jobs because of for exemple robotic automatization etc. etc. hence i was asking myself how can we solve thoses problems like robotic and software automatization etc. that will put more and more workers out of jobs ?


Thank you
Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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