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I need Help !! Problems catia v5 r18 and windows xp 64 bits intel xeon E5405 !!


Hi, I am system administrator from entreprise of industrial desing.

I buy 12 workstation XW6600 with 8 GB RAM + FX1800 + Disk SAS 15.000 rpm and the performance

is very slow. We have installed windows xp 64 bits + catia v5 R18 and the performance isnt very fast if we

compare with other older workstation.

I am looking in internet but all people say tha catia not is multithreading and its posible that no use all of 4 cores so the olders workstation which have dual core run more fast.

Can you help me please? I have bought 12 machines and the price is higt so I am nerviously.

thank you very much.


P.D Sorry for my english language

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