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Intel DG965MQ MB bios ICH Temp and Vcore setup?

Hi, I have a Intel DG965MQ motherboard based htpc setup. I would ask about the mb bios settings. I have flash the mb with the newest bios available (MQ96510J.86A.1687). What is the ICH Temperature? Seems to be quite high, 99 c degrees...

The other temps seems like this:

CPU Temp - 54 c
Motherboard Temp - 46 c
Ambient Air Temp - 43 c
Motherboard Temp - 45 c
ICH Temp - 99 c
MCH Temp - 46 c

Is it ok? And what is MCH Temp?

Another question about the vcore adjustment. Heh, there is no adjusments for it, but is there any chance to get vcore setting adjustments to the bios in the future? Is there any other way to set vcore? Wish that it would be a litle bit smaller for lower heat production. Core Temp shows that it is 1.3250 volts. 1.2000-1.2250 v would be just right for this E6600 Conroe.

Thanks for the help.

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