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Support for developing parallel programming applications on Intel® Architecture.
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About me: I'm probably one of the least technical people who will participate here. My background is in communications: in the legal field, working with Ralph Nader and other civil liberties icons, in Intel Boards and Systems manufacturing, supporting Intel's shop floor control program with technical writing and training, and now, on the Intel Developer Services Web site, as editor and owner of Threading, Pentium 4 and Digital Media Developer Centers.

Personal interests include: travel (lots of it-- I've lived in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, Thailand, and Malaysia), eastern religion and 'philosophy', and cats. No request for the most up-to-date photos of my cat Binky will be refused :)
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I'm Patrick Kennedy -- another Intel guy in the mix. For the last few years, I've been providing technical support for the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers.

I'm keenly interested in all parallel programming paradigms, but I'll mostly post here regarding SMP programming with OpenMP and the auto-parallelization feature of the Intel compilers.

In previous incarnations I developed hard real-time applications for GM powertrains, Hughes Aircraft fighter radars, and Douglas Aircraft wind tunnels.
I'm "the end-user" - I use multiple Intel-based platforms at home and work for a variety of projects. I work for an Aerospace company during the day, and do some software development at night (or ride my bicycle, as the weather allows).

I've had numerous successes with Intel platforms over the years, starting with the 8080 (Imsai) all the way up to my new 865GBFL at 3.2 Ghz. And some issues with this latter one. I'm hoping to get some help/answers with some apparent software incompatibilities and "funny stuff".

I am relatively conversant in software and hardware in the PC architecture, having written both real-time, real-time/multi-tasking software controllers for spacecraft applications (all custom in those early days).

Hi My name is Col, and I am a software developer at Connective Logic Systems Ltd.
Our company produces a software product for the development of multi-threaded, distributed applications. We have been using this to develop MOD and other sonar systems, the biggest of which currently runs on 8 dual Opterons. Our applications can have logical concurrencies of over 1000, and our future projects are going to be bigger.
We are looking to multi core technology to reduce our electricity bills (!) We also are looking forward torunning more on fewer SMPs, and reduce the performance hit from network bandwidth.
Hello I'm Timothy Karl Sebsatian Makin and I'm an actor/computergamerprogramerartistmusican/harmonica player

I hope to learn more about my new processor and how I can take more advantage of it.
I am developing a multi-processing application with the BSP running Linux and an appluication and the AP running an OS-less application.
My name is Milo and I've been working in C/C++ and Java for a long time (More than 10 years if I can say that) I am a computer science specialist. This is an interesting group of discussion about Intel and programmers. I hope we can share many "bugsolutions" in computers.
Bye, hope to see you soon
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Porting an OpenMP Fortran77 application to Linux-SMP-ia64/ifort-9.1. Not quite knowledgeable enough for the task... hope to learn quick.


Okay - I'll bite. This is Steve Pitzel. I'm technical - but in a non-programming sort of way :) I came to Intel from the Film|FX side of the world as a digital animator and digital animation tools instructor for the studios. I've had the extreme pleasure of teaching applications from Softimage and Alias (now part of Autodesk) to FX, animation and layout artists for Disney Feature Animation, Sony Imageworks, Rhythm & Hues and others.

I was alead animator for Pacific Title|Mirage (on The Nuttiest Nutcracker - yes, I think most of us missed that makes me shudder tofind it on Google now)and a Senior Artist for Mattel and to me computing platforms are basically expensive pencils, paints, typewriters, and, yes, musical instruments. I don't mean to diminish them in any way by saying that - in their best application they allow artists and musicians to create in a way we've really only been able to imagine before. In their worst application - they're a pain in the butt. I came onboard at Intel with the hope of helpingmake the creation process as seamless as possible for digital artists and musicians - and it's amazing to see how well that's progressed. But it could be a whole lot better.

Other than that - I was once the Editorial Cartoonist for The Tombstone Epitaph, was asession singerin LA for many years (yes,if you actually watchold episodes ofBaywatch with the sound turned up you can hear me singing over the film montage in the middle...), I've been lucky enough to have a novel published, Wizrd (which is about a ghosttown, not a Wizard, btw, and written under my pen and session name, Steve Zell) and I'm working on another one now. I'm writing andrecording music usingCakewalk's Sonar, which is an amazing multi-track recording package (and an amazing company) and other great packages like Sony Media Software's Sound Forge.

So...I guess I'd consider myself a "technical user" of Digital Content Creation software and hardware. If you're the same way - log on and tell me what you're using - what works great - and what could stand to use some improvement. We've got folks on this forum from inside Intel and out - who may shed some light on why things don't always work the way we'd like them to - and what might be done to fix that...

- Pitz


Hello all;

I've been a software engineer since the late 80's, but have spent most my career on the business end of the software career-track. Intel's advances in multi-core computing interest me greatly for two reasons:

  1. I studied network protocol design in university and often wondered if the state machines I was designing for TCP and IP packet handling would benefit from parallel computing constructs. Back in the late 80's and early 90's, however, it wasn't possible to cost-effectively produce multi-core NIC's nor multi-core motherboards (except the high end SMP). Now with multi-core chips from Intel, everything has changed.
  2. I currently work at http://www.pervasive.comand in particular am heading up the business line launching Pervasive DataRush. This developer's framework is meant to simplify the work of building parallel applications on Intel multi-core chips -- specifically, the framework is for data-intensive applications. Check out our microsite at http://www.pervasivedatarush.comand download the free Beta.

I hope to spend some time over the next few months/years helping educate developers on how to peg dual processor, quad-core Xeons at 90% utilization to get the most processing power you can from the 8-core 'commodity SMP' servers Intel will be shipping with partners.

Take care,


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I am a System Programmer with 16 years of experience in this field. I am mostly involved with C, C++ in Windows OS & a little bit of Linux.

In 1995 I have authored a book called, "Classic Utilities using Assembly Language", published in India. I have authored numerous articles in and I would like to do 64-bit programming using Intel Itanium processors in the coming days at home.

At office I amin aantivirus laboratoryin Chennai, India, doing regular research with file systems, disassemblersand such.

In my free time I listen a lot to Kenny G sax.

Thanks, Regards,


Hi, everyone!

I'm Sergio Ellerbracke. I was software developer in the eighties and the nineties, mostly in C/C++, in Windows, Unix and TSO/CICS.

Actually, I'm, a fulltime software engineering professor, in the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

As a researher, I'm working in the very improbable field of "software epistemology".

I'm beginning in this forum because I'm working in the redesign of our Software Engineering Bachelor and Masters Degree, and I'm need to understand the relevance of paralelism in our degress.

Sergio Ellerbracke