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Looking for an OpenMP Consultant

I am looking for an OpenMP consultant for about a week of work in code review. The person should have hands-on experience in using OpenMP with FORTRAN on Windows Development Platform. Experience of Intel VTune, ThreadCheck and ThreadProfiler is desired.
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Send me an email

For the last three years I have been performing research on space elevator tethers (I hold a U.S. Patent on an active tether design). This requiredme to performtheconversion of an old F77 single threaded finite element simulation program into an OpenMP multi-threaded F90 program. The program contains ~13 projects per application, several applications and about 890 source files.

The system I use is Windows Server 2003 with 2 AMD Opteron 270's (4 cores total).
In place of Intel's VTune, ThreadCheck and ThreadProfiler I use similar tools available from AMD.

You can look on this forum for posts from me as some measure of reference.

Jim Dempsey

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