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Measuring QPI bandwidth

I am measuring a number of things using performance counters.
However, I am unsure how to useUNC_QHL_REQUESTS requests.
Basically, I send network traffic with a 10Gbps card at 10Gbps and I would like to measure something like 10Gbps on the QPI link.
I consider the counter is counting QPI flits (80bits). when I send 800Mbps on the network, I measure 800Mbps on the QPI link (I unse UNCORE counters starting at 0x3B0).
When I send 10Gbps, I measure 3Gbps, as if it was counting for only one QPI Home Agent. I checked for overflows of the counters and nothing seems bad there. I tried to modify CMASK just in case it was telling for which Home Agent the counter works but if I change CMASK I allways get 0 in the counter.
does anybody have an idea how to get this done ?
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